Discussion on Fourth Industrial revolution

Fourth Industrial revolution

We are slowly hearing the words such as automation, artificial intelligence which will take up human jobs. This is better known as web design company in Faridabad Industry 4.0 or the Fourth Industrial revolution which is the rise of the machines. But before jumping into the details of this let's see how we have reached this stage. Let's start with the first industrial revolution.
The first industrial revolution happened between the late 1700s and early 1800s. During this period of time, manufacturing evolved from focusing on manual labor performed by people and aided by work animals to a more optimized form of labor performed by people through the use of water and steam-powered engines and other types of machine tools. People were afraid that this is going to take up their jobs but people evolved and developed new skill sets. best ca coaching institute in Faridabad

Then, came the second industrial revolution with the introduction of steel and the use of electricity in factories. The introduction of electricity enabled manufacturers to increase efficiency and helped make factory machinery more mobile. It was during this phase that mass production concepts like the assembly line were introduced as a way to boost productivity.
Eventually, the technology started developing and third industrial revolution slowly began to emerge, as manufacturers began incorporating more electronic—and eventually computer—technology into their factories. During this period, manufacturers began experiencing a shift that put less emphasis on analog and mechanical technology and more on digital technology and automation software. cpt coaching classes in Faridabad
Now we are living in the midst of the fourth industrial revolution which offers a more comprehensive, interlinked, and holistic approach to manufacturing. It connects physical with digital and allows for better collaboration and access across departments, partners, vendors, product, and people.
Since we are in the middle of it, we should look at the positives and negatives of it.
The positives of it will include things such as the advances in medical technology and biomedical science has increased the life span of a human being. Online shopping is slowly redefining convenience and retail experience. With the power of analytics, we can optimize a lot of tasks.
But, everything comes with its downsides as well. The demerits of this can be that there is an imminent fear that humans will be replaced by machines. And all that is shown in the sci-fi movies will soon become a reality. Advances in biotechnology can also lead to illegal practices such as gene editing, or implants in babies to make them ready for the competitive life. Sheet Metal Manufacturer & Fabricator in Faridabad

People and industries are slowly adapting to these changes and people are getting a chance to develop their skills and learn new things. We have to consciously build positive values into the technologies we create, think about how they are to be used, and design them with ethical application in mind and in support of collaborative ways of preserving what’s important to us. website designing company in Delhi This effort requires all stakeholders --- governments, policymakers, international organizations, regulators, business organizations, academia, and civil society ---  to work together to steer the powerful emerging technologies in ways that limit risk and create a world that aligns with common goals for the future.




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